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About the bureau

We are a LatAm bureau that develops tailor-made elearning wide projects for consultings and companies all around the world.

To meet rapidly evolving demands, our team comprises of experts in the fields of Instructional Design, Visual Design and Development technologies. We continuously innovate to create higher levels of learner engagement and knowledge retention.

We design create beautiful and delightful content courses that can guarantee high-impact changes to multiple skill sets.

Versatile application have come to characterize our way of life – how we work, how we act, how we live and expend data. They have empowered associations and gotten more effective by speedier dynamic cycles, digitized bookkeeping modules and that's only the tip of the iceberg! They help instructive foundations also to carry information to understudies with distant training.

Instructional Design

Our Experts go beyond conventional Instructional Design and turns unstructured raw content into a powerhouse of ideas and reusable learning products. Enthusiastic and creative, our ID experts bring a gamut of skills to the whiteboard. From research to multimedia, programming to editing, each individual dons the role of an innovator and facilitator to churn out the most out of each creative opportunity.

Our Instructional Designers follow certain processes like the well known ADDIE (Analyse-Design-Development-Implementation-Evaluation) but are not limited to this and look to explore and employ other well scientifically structured learning and development processes to create compelling and memorable learning and training modules.

Visual Deisgn

We believe that the best way to engage learners is through customised animations, videos, interactive games and visuals that make learning easy and achievable.

Our visual designers hail from varying industries, bringing with them years of experience in the field of visual communication. Trained in varying disciplines, their skills are aptly matched to projects of different natures. Senior UI designers ensure that quality is assured and client brand guidelines are followed perfectly.

Every member of the design team approaches a new course with the intention to create beautiful and delightful content which successfully captures the attention of the learner.


Every learning and development goal needs a robust support system. Our team of programmers are trained to create courses which are flexible and intuitive enough to match your evolving learning requirements.

Our team of highly skilled and intuitive developers has skill sets like HTML 5, PHP, CSS, JQuery and even mobile languages like Python, MongoDB, Xamarin and PhoneGap. These have led us to deliver and seamlessly deploy training modules across a variety of industries fulfilling an infinite number of L&D products.


For skill-based learning or training that deals with relatively small learning units, involving short-term, focused strategies especially designed for skill-based training.

We Identify the training solution based on the complexity of the change, the spread and diversity of the target audience, and the time and resources available. These can be deployed through Apps and various client systems for targeted and focused training.

Blended Learning

Self-Paced Training: Allows a learner to set his own pace to learn or complete specific training modules while being able to participate in comprehensive synchronous mode of learning.

Synchronous Learning: Allows learning through interaction between students and facilitators at different locations in real-time as the training we design caters to both mode of delivery and the type of information being dispensed.

Asynchronous Learning: Allows learning through offline interactions between students and the system and sometimes the facilitators at different locations as the training we design caters to both mode of delivery and the type of information being dispensed.


We believe that effective learning can only occur if acquiring knowledge is an achievement rather than a task. Applying game-design to an eLearning ecosystem not only enables higher user engagement, but also increased knowledge retention. It also enhances problem solving capabilities.

We provide solutions to achieve cost-optimising learning through uses of Game- based modules. This helps in increasing learner engagement, creating challenges and instilling a sense of accomplishment through learning.

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1000+ Courses

Our learning experts are geared to innovate and co-create solutions that are tuned to achieving your training goals.
We are specialized on HTML5 elearning courses

Nueva generación de e-learning

HTML5 | Mobile y de Escritorio

Obtenga el último desarrollo de e-learning con un gran diseño y una interfaz de respuesta excepcional para navegadores modernos y móviles.

Mobile Learning

Rápido, disponible y en todo momento.

Puede implementar efectivamente programas de capacitación personalizados para muchas personas y aprovechar las características del aprendizaje móvil para incluir juegos, información basada en la ubicación, soporte en tiempo real, etc., para que el aprendizaje sea mucho más atractivo y personalizado.


utiliza el tiempo para entrenar y aventurarlos

Convierta su oficina en una pizarra, despliegue personas para pistas de geolocalización y obtenga información para avanzar en su capacitación

Entrenamiento Gamificado

Divertido, Adictivo y de alto impacto

Una buena estrategia de gamificación con altos niveles de compromiso conducirá a un aumento en la recuperación y retención.

Entrenamiento en sitio

Experiecias Reales, Contacto Real

Los cursos se planifican según los horarios individuales y departamentales y se entregan en cualquier formato.

Lecciones de Entrenamiento

HTML5 | 100% mobile | Totalmente Responsivo

Secuenciación del entrenamiento tan flexible que puede crear proyectos multiplataforma y fáciles de implementar.

"When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars, people said, 'Nah, what's wrong with a horse?' That was a huge bet he made, and it worked.”

Elon Musk Founder, CEO, CTO and chief designer of SpaceX

"There is a huge need and a huge opportunity to get everyone in the world connected, to give everyone a voice and to help transform society for the future.”

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO

”Some people see innovation as change, but we have never really seen it like that. It’s making things better.”

Tim Cook Apple CEO

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