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Who We Are?

Bostoncooper, a talent management strategy service bureau. We build clever programs, astonishing experiences and outstanding tailor-made interactive training products, such as m-learning, gamification, metaverse training, classical e-learning and on-site training.

Through fitting companie´s talent management skills, people can successfully create a sustainable and well-performing organization that achieves all its strategic goals and objectives. Considering the complex and dynamic environment in which businesses nowadays operate, utilization of the best talent management skills is extremely vital for competing in the global economy as well as capitalizing on new opportunities.

Training Lessons

A HTML5 language development sequence training so flexible that you can create multiplatform projects. All kind of ideal resources for smartphones (IOS / Android), tablets and desktop computers. Learners access and accomplish randomly and by small fragments each training.

New Gen E-learning

Yes, it´s coming and the clock is ticking. Does your company want to decrease Flash use and focus on future browsers with HTML5? Get the latest e-learning development with great design and exceptional responsive interface for modern browsers and mobile.


Gamification is transforming business models by creating new ways to craft longer-term engagement, drive employee loyalty and create an addiction to training, It leverages the motivations and desires that exist in all of us for affinity, feedback, achievement and reward. When combined with the latest research on motivation and the big data generated by user interactions, gamification empowers businesses to create true loyalty.

Micro E-Learning

Expanding minds through visual, audio and repetitive methods, your learner is sure to come away with knowledge and further understanding in a diverse selection of subject matter that help improve their everyday work activities. They help to prevent cognitive overload and actually make the learning experience enjoyable

Metaverse Learning

Metaverse is a fictional virtual world. Stephenson coined the term to describe a virtual reality‐based successor to the Internet. VR offers a whole other level of immersion, where the learner can interact with items and characters in the virtual surrounding and gets a much more engaging experience in comparison with classical online courses.

Mobile Learning

Everything happens on the go. Thanks to high speed internet and advancements in mobile technology. However, for your mobile learning content to be effective, it is necessary that it is designed the right way. Organizations using eLearning are usually under the misconception that mobile learning is as simple as fitting eCourses to the mobile screen. The truth is that designing for mobile devices is as different to eLearning design

What we do?

Designed to amaze your learners and help your business stand out how the things should be done, turning your ideas into digital realities.


It imperative to invest in and develop your own people who seem to have the potential. Processes must be designed in a way that they help support as well as nurture the performance of employees organizations today must ensure their employees are constantly and continuously developing new skill sets and competencies to stay up-to-date.


Before you spend a lot of time and effort in developing a mobile learning course, you should carefully analyze the devices that are in circulation among your employee base. You might have designed mobile courses for smartphones but realize that the majority of your employees have tablet devices. This might cause trouble viewing the text, images, or even downloading them. We costumize any type of training strategy into any device.


Undertake a thorough analysis of the current situation to pinpoint any mismatch of task with talent and then ensure that right people are attracted to organization for the right job. Tailor-made trainig for each situation/learner.


Most important of all, after hiring new skilled workers or developing the existing ones, is your ability to retain them. This tends to be the major test of one’s talent management skills. Implementation of an appropriate support and reward system for employees can help to a great extent.

Engagement And Productivity

Nowadays, outsourcing has become crucial for organizations belonging to different industries to offer quality content to their learners. In fact, organizations realize the benefits of outsourcing eLearning development such as increased completion rates, better learner engagement, improved productivity and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, it makes sense that many organizations have started hiring expert eLearning vendors to realize their training objectives and reduce development costs and increase productivity.


Get specialized experts on board. Over 15 years developing training and virtual content, me ensure efficacy, viability, & accessibility in your learning outcome. Even if organizations have an in-house team charged with content development skills, some skills are far too specialized. When the eLearning development is outsourced to a vendor, companies gain access to individuals who are skilled and experienced in Learning and Development (L&D), Instructional Design, and every other area of creating effective online learning.

Our Works

We create outstanding training experiences that people love. Check out our recent works.

New Geneneration E-learning

HTML5 | Desktop & Mobile Responsive

Get the latest e-learning development with great design and exceptional responsive interface for modern browsers and mobile.

Mobile Learning

Quick, on-the-go and anywhere

You can effectively deploy custom training programs to many people and harness the features of mobile learning to include games, location-based information, real-time support, and so on, to make learning much more engaging and personalized.


Use learners spare time for adventure

Make your office a chalkboard, deploy people for geolocalization clues and obtain information to advance on their training

Gamification Training

Fun, addictive and fast engaging

A good gamification strategy with high levels of engagement will lead to an increase in recall and retention.

On-site Training

Real contact, Real experiences

Courses are planned around individual and department schedules and delivered in any format.

Training Lessons

HTML5 | 100% mobile | Fully responsive

Sequence training so flexible that you can create multiplatform and easy-to-deploy projects.

Our Clients

Who knows us?

Work for someone who believes in you, because when they believe in you, they’ll invest in you.”

Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO, knows the importance of investing in individuals.

Unless I feel like I’m working on the most important problem that I can help with, then I’m not going to feel good about how I’m spending my time.”

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO, it’s all about managing to strengths.

You gotta build a team that is so talented, they almost make you uncomfortable.”

Brian Chesky AirBnB CEO, focuses on talent.

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